About Us

Dr. Peggy Woods

Founder /Managing Editor /Publisher

Dr. Peggy Woods is the Founder and CEO of Write Now Publishing Company (WNPC), a professional writing and publishing firm in existence since 2013. Write Now Publishing has published many of Dr. Woods’ own personal works. 

Dr. Woods’ published works include:

  • 10 Tips for Power Thinking: Maximize Your Health and Happiness for an Empowered Life
  • The Power Thinking Personal Development Guide
  • Power Thinkers Journal
  • Quotes for Power Thinking
  • The Image of a Woman from a Christian HebrewPerspective
  • How to Craft a 1 -Page Business Plan
  • 5 Easy Steps to Self-Publishing E-Book.

Dr. Woods is a distinguished motivational speaker and community activist receiving several awards, including:

  • Two Certificates of Recognition from Assembly Member – Steven C. Bradford
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Panel Participation, JP Enterprises, Jeremiah Flowers (owner)
  • Keynote and Panel Speaker at the Connecting Women to Power conference, Jerome E. Horton – Chair (California State Board of Equalization);
  • Panel Speaker at the Power Brokers Conference, Dr. Barbara Young of the Transformation for Success Radio and Talk Show, and more…

Dr. Woods is humbled to have an experienced staff of writers and editors that include; Dr. Diamond Andrews – Editor in Chief of Write Now Publishing. Dr. Diamond has over 30 years of professional writing and editing experience. We are also pleased to have Karen Brand on staff. Karen has over 20 years of experience in media relations. We have acquired freelance writers but are currently looking for more professionals to add to our staff.

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